The Uk's No 1                         

Paul Weller Tribute

Paul Weller... the iconic musical influence of the last three decades.

See and hear it all now with 'The Modfathers' The UK's No 1 Paul Weller Tribute Show.



Relive 'The Jam' years, the mellow tones of 'The Style Council' and the classic hit's of his solo career.

No one else get's close to actually making you feel that your at the ultimate Paul Weller concert, where the hits just keep coming one after the other than 'The Modfathers'

'The Modfathers' have performed extensively throughout the UK and Europe leaving audiences amazed at the uncanny resemblance in vocals, appearance, and movement that Tony Brown has to the man himself.

If you love Paul Weller you will love 'The Modfathers', from the aggression of 'The Jam' to the soul of 'The Style Council' to the mature sounds of Paul Wellers solo career. It's all here...Don't miss it.